Pécsvárad is situated at the foot of the Zengő, the highest peak of the Mecsek, next to the main road 6, the Pécs-Bátaszéki railway line, 19 kilometres from Pécs, in Baranya County. Pécsvárad is a town rich in monuments and tourist attractions.

The monastery founded by St. Stephen in 998 made it a centre of state and church organisation of national importance, thus it became a town in the Middle Ages. For a thousand years it has been an integral centre of the Eastern Mecsek region. It lies at the foot of the 682-metre-high Zengő, the highest peak of the Mecsek Mountains, next to the main road 6, 19 kilometres from Pécs. The castle houses a castle museum in the former manor house, where visitors can also enter the thousand-year-old chapel and admire the 10th century fresco fragment, the oldest medieval fresco in the country. They can also see an authentic copy of the Holy Crown. In the courtyard there is a ruin garden, a spice garden, permanent (a memorial exhibition of the sculptor Sándor Kígyós) and temporary exhibitions, a perfume and salt chamber in the Ispotály, a restaurant and a hotel. The ÉLMÉNYVÁR in Pécsvárad is open all year round.

In the exhibition halls of the Municipal Library, visitors can also see the permanent exhibition of György Platthy, the collection of cult sculptures and graphic art of Károly László Bali-sziget and the Nemes-Nágel Memorial Room. The Samu Géza Museum and School History Exhibition opened in the former Catholic school in the year of the millennium. The latest exhibition, the Highland Memorial Room, is a private initiative. The Upper Market, today's Kossuth Square and its surroundings, is a particularly valuable part of the town, as it preserves the settlement structure of the Árpád - medieval period. The Catholic Church (Church of the Assumption) closes the former market square from the south, the Reformed Church from the north. The All Saints' Chapel in the cemetery dates from the 12th century, but has been rebuilt several times.

Trinity Square is framed by the old neoclassical town hall to the south and the new neo-Gothic town hall to the north. The Lajos Fülep Municipal Cultural Centre, Sports Hall and Gymnasium are located in the centre of the town. The first play was staged in the Pécsvárad Castle Theatre in 2001. The Pécsváradi Leányvásár has 300 years of roots, but has been a festival for more than 50 years. The village has a long tradition of music: Municipal Wind Orchestra, Youth Wind Orchestra, Pécsvárad Big Band, Saxophone Quartet, Pécsvárad Women's Chamber Choir, modern dance forms, the dance troupe and the men's choir of the District Association of Pensioners. The tradition of handicrafts is preserved by regular craft fairs and workshops, but above all by their dedicated practitioners.

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There are direct bus connections from the Pécs bus station to Pécsvárad. By car you have to take the road 6.

7720 Pécsvárad
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