Óbánya, Kisújbánya


The village has only one street, between the houses runs the Öreg stream. Óbánya is a popular resort and tourist destination, where many tourist paths can be found because the most of its territory is forested. The tourist paths start at the parking place at the beginning of the village. At the weekends and holidays the usage of the parking place costs money but it is a secured parking place (driving to the village requires a permission). Following the blue sign the „Öreg” mill, the „Pisztrángos” lakes, and the „Ferde” fall can be visited. The tour ends at the picturesque Kisújbánya – covey. Kisújbánya celebrated its 250. anniversary of foundation in 2012, so the trip can also be a little time travel to a classical German peasant village.


Autóval a 6-os úton keresztül közelíthető meg.

7695 Óbánya
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+36 72 463 035
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