Óbánya and Kisújbánya


Óbánya is located in a secluded valley of the East Mecsek Landscape Protection Area. Because of its large German (Swabian) population, it is known as "Hungarian Switzerland".

The "Old stream" runs between the houses of the village. Óbánya has long been a popular holiday and hiking destination, with marked hiking trails crossing the area and a large part of its outskirts covered in forest. The starting point for the tours is the car park at the beginning of the village, which is guarded and payable at weekends and on public holidays (entry to the village is by permit only). The tour ends in the picturesque Kisújbánya basin. Kisújbánya celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2012, so the trip is also a journey back in time to a classic Swabian farming village.


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7695 Óbánya
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+36 72 463 035
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