Mecsek Gate

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It opens into the Mecsek. If you climb up the hill from the city centre, passing the Pauline Church, this gate marks the border between Mecsek and the city.

The arched, stone-built structure was built in 1936. It looks like a small castle with an entrance and a bastion. This gate was intended by the town as a symbolic entrance to the mountain range. From here, a sharply winding serpentine path leads up to a site with stunning views. Here stands Nike, the former Liberation Monument. It was built in 1975 to mark the 30th anniversary.


A Főpályaudvarról a 34 és 34y számú buszokkal közelíthető meg, leszállás a Dömörkapunál.

Parkolási lehetőség az Állatkertnél.

7625 Pécs, Hunyadi János u. 87.
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