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Ferenc Martyn (Kaposvár, 1899 - Pécs, 1986) was a sculptor, painter, graphic artist and illustrator. He was a leading figure in modern Hungarian art, a master of the art scene of South Transdanubia, a master of the school and an organizer of the art scene.

Before the Second World War he spent many years in Paris, travelling around Western Europe, building up contacts and becoming familiar with the most modern avant-garde tendencies. After the war, he was one of the most important exponents and exponents of non-figurative movements in his country. In 1974, a memorial museum was opened in Pécs with his works donated to the city and the Janus Pannonius Museum. In 1985 his catalogue of his life's work was published, edited by his monographer Éva Hárs. He died in Pécs on 10 April 1986. The permanent exhibition of the art of Ferenc Martyn was reopened in 2011 at 4 Káptalan u., giving a more comprehensive overview of his oeuvre as a painter and sculptor than ever before.


4 Káptalan str. Pécs 7621
Telephone: +36 30 934 8466

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1st April-31st October:
Monday: closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00

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Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-16.00

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Adult ticket: 1000 HUF
Students, pensioners: 500 HUF

Modern Magyar Képtár
7621 Pécs, Káptalan u. 4.
Phone number
+36 30 934 8466
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