French Monument

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The French monument, inaugurated in 1908 in Mecsek slope, is the work of Andor Pilch, the eagle on top was made in the Zsolnay Factory, made of pyrogranite.

The intellectual author and main driving force behind its construction was Miklós Zsolnay. During the Napoleonic Wars, Pécs had a general hospital, and in 1809-1810 more than 2,000 soldiers were treated in the city's facilities. A hundred years later, a strong anti-German movement emerged in Hungary, which advocated the establishment of French relations. The idea of building a monument in Pécs fitted perfectly into this. The monument was well received in the European press, and the French, of course, welcomed it, but the German press was hostile.

Where to find it?

Szőlő Str., Pécs 7625

How to get there

From the Main Railway Station you can take buses 33, 34, 34Y, 35, 35Y, get off at the Palais and walk 850 metres.

Francia emlékmű
7625 Pécs, Szőlő utca
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