Former Littke Champagne factory


Legend says that Lőrinc’s infant illness was cured by taking baths in hot wine. Some say that his interest in wines and champagne originates here. He started studying the manufacture of champagne in the 1830s, and later he purchased a plot on the south-western corner of the promenade, where he built the Renaissance castle-like champagne factory, which still tands there. By the 1870s Lőrinc Littke had a national reputation as a champgane manufacturer.

12 Szent István square Pécs 7621
Telephone: +36 30 484 6635

Opening hours:
The sparkling wine cellar doesn't have a constant opening hours. You can visit the cellar if you make a previous registration. The registration is possible on the following e-mail address:


Busszal a Főpályaudvarról 34, 35 és 36Y számú buszokkal közelíthető meg, majd a Barbakántól 200 métert kell sétálni.

Parkolási lehetőség a Barbakánnál.

A volt Littke Pezsgőgyár
7621 Szent István tér 12.
Phone number
+36 30 484 6635
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