08/23/2022 10:00 AM - 12.31 18:00:00

The city of Pécs was liberated from Serbian occupation on 22 August 1921. To commemorate this event, an exhibition of Serbian Occupation in Pécs 1918-1921 will be opened in the ground floor of the Csontváry Museum. The exhibition, which will be open from 23 August, will feature photographs, announcements, press materials and posters on the period and the most important historical events. All this is complemented by an online database on the website szerbmegszallas.hu, which presents the history of the Serbian occupation using source material from three public collections.

According to the Belgrade Armistice Agreement of 13 November 1918, the southern part of Hungary was occupied by the Serbs up to the Barcs-Szigetvár-Pécs-Baja-Kisszállás line. This secession, which lasted for almost three years, ended on 22 August 1921, when the Hungarian National Army retook Pécs.

The Janus Pannonius Museum (JPM) has won a grant from the National Cultural Fund for a website and exhibition on the history of the Serbian occupation. The museum collaborated with two other public collections - the Csorba Győző Library (CSGYK) and the Baranya County Archives of the Hungarian National Archives (MNL BML) - to explore the full spectrum of source material. Last year, the website Serbmegszallas.hu, which also serves as a database, was launched using the source material of the three public collections (CSGYK, JPM, MNL BML).

The Serbian Occupation in Pécs 1918-1921 was first held in the Knowledge Centre in June 2022, and will be moved to the Csontváry Museum of the JPM in connection with the anniversary of the liberation of the city from Serbian occupation (22 August).

Visitors will be able to learn about the history of the occupation on 7 tables, and on 5 tables they will be able to find interesting information on a related topic (e.g.: Emergency funds, Price shortages and unemployment, Press of Pécs during the occupation, etc.). The journey through time is supported by photographs, advertisements, press materials and posters, with textual additions from the experts.

The exhibition will be open from 23 August at the Csontváry Museum until 31 December 2022, from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, with a ticket to the Csontváry exhibition.

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