This is why road cycling is the bike of choice for speed lovers

Some people get on their bikes as a hobby, some for purely practical reasons, but there are also a fair number of people who have grown so fond of this form of exercise that they are happy to cycle tens of kilometres a week.

Riding on a cable car is a real exercise for the body and a relaxing activity for the soul, especially on long journeys. In this article, we find out what is the secret of road bikes?

Asphalt bikes

If you'd like to experience what it's like to ride the kilometres on a Ferrari of bikes, check out the range of road bikes at While there are overlaps, each has its own medium where you can perform at your best. For a road bike, that terrain is open tarmac.

Today, there are many types of bikes available in shops, so you can choose according to your needs. There are more comfortable models, models for hiking or urban use, cruisers and models for riding on extreme terrain. But every part of this machine is designed to be lightweight, making it ideal for multi-day races.

Fast, faster, fastest

You can go fast on more than one bike, but the road is the epitome of speed. It's not just for racers, it's also the bike of choice for those who don't shy away from particularly long distances because it's fast to the finish.

The lightest of all bikes, the latest developments are always fitted to road bikes first, and if they perform well, they spread to other models. We are thinking mostly of the modifications around the gears and frame, because they can push out the top speed. The braking system is not as significant here as it is on, say, a downhill MTB, where it is essential to stop the bike immediately in wet, muddy conditions.

Recommended clothing

The bike itself has a fairly puritan outfit. In fact, there is no need for anything extra, as it is not intended for hiking or commuting. So there is no luggage rack or any comfort-enhancing accessories.

Once the steering wheel is optimally adjusted, the torso is placed in a forward leaning position, which also reduces drag. However, this position is not so suitable for pedalling with your personal belongings in a rucksack on your back. This is the first reason to invest in a special cycling suit in addition to the canga, as they are designed to allow storage of some small items.

The second reason is also self-evident: these garments are healthier and more comfortable. They wick away sweat, but they dry quickly, have ventilation slits and don't get caught on anything. The stiffness of the seat is counterbalanced by the sponge or jelly padding of the trousers, so you can go on a trip in complete peace of mind wearing them.

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