Zsolnay Statue


The great ceramist created an industry in the city of Pécs and under his guidance Zsolnay porcelain became unique in the world.

After the death of Vilmos Zsolnay, the people of Pécs joined forces to erect a monument in his honour. The main figure of the Zsolnay statue, unveiled on 13 October 1907, was created by sculptor János Horvay, while the five secondary figures sitting lower down around him were sculpted by Sándor Apáti Abt. The regular, huge pentagonal pedestal was designed by Frigyes Schulek.

The number five is a symbolic reference to Pécs, the city of the five churches (Fünfkirchen, Quinque Ecclesiae). The five male figures symbolise five different crafts and the versatility of the Zsolnay factory: sculpture, architecture, painting, chemistry and pottery.

The monumental and richly decorated pedestal is made from the world-famous ceramics of the Zsolnay factory. It depicts the figure of Vilmos Zsolnay in simple factory attire, holding a jug in his hand, with a relaxed, easy posture but nevertheless a serious expression.

The statue is thoughtful and meditative, calm and majestic, a man turned inwards, his being suggestive of strength. The effect of the sculpture's silhouette is harmonious from all directions, with one of the secondary figures always facing the viewer.

The colourful roof tiles and decorations of the surrounding buildings were also made at the Zsolnay factory at various times.

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