Zsolnay Family and Factory History Exhibition

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A permanent exhibition about the history of the Zsolnay family and the factory in the oldest building in the area, where the legend began.

Miklós Zsolnay, a wealthy merchant from Pécs, got into the business when he bought a small stoneware manufactory for his eldest son Ignác. The year was 1853. However, his son brought the business close to bankruptcy, and after a year of working together, his brother Vilmos took over. It was a good decision. Vilmos Zsolnay made the factory great and world famous. Vilmos's children are the third generation - Teresa, Julia and Miklós. All three have tied their lives to the factory. Juliet and Teresa were design artists, and Nicholas was a merchant who, at the very young age of 16, managed the commercial division alongside his father. The fourth generation bears the double Zsolnay name: the Mattyasovskys and the Sikorskis. Teresa's husband was Jakab Mattyasovszky, a geologist, and Julia's husband was Tade Sikorski, an architect. Through them, the family was divided into two branches, their children and grandchildren being the current Zsolnay heirs.

The first success for the factory came at the 1873 Vienna World Fair, followed by the sensation of the eosin. It was this technique that led to world success at the 1900 Paris World Fair. Later that year, the death of Vilmos Zsolnay, followed by the World War and another loss, the illness of the young Miklós, set the factory back, but after Trianon, the customs duties imposed on competing Czech and Austrian porcelain products created favourable conditions for domestic sales.In 1948, the Zsolnay factory was nationalised without any compensation. The family members were convicted on trumped-up charges. After their release, they were forced to emigrate.

Entrance fees:

  • Full price - 1300 Ft
  • Discount - 800 Ft
  • Charge: from 6 years
  • Zsolnay ticket (Valid for all exhibitions in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, valid on the day of purchase - and the day after.)
  • Adult - 5.500 HUF (6.500 HUF/person in high season July-August)
  • Student/Educator/Pensioner - 3.700 Ft (3.900 Ft/person in high season July-August)
  • Family - 12.000 Ft (High season July-August 14.000 Ft/person)

More information: https://www.zsolnaynegyed.hu/en

How to get there

From the Main Railway Station and from the bus stop of the Fairgrounds you can reach it by buses 4 and 4Y, and then get off at the Zsolnay Quarter stop. Parking is available in the parking lot of the Zsolnay Quarter.

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