Zengővárkony, a village of just 400 inhabitants, lies 17 kilometres from Pécs, at the foot of the Zengő hill, in a valley surrounded by chestnut trees.

It is a peaceful, quiet and peaceful area, ideal for those who want to relax, and because of its natural characteristics it is also an excellent starting point for excursions and hikes. In the local chestnut grove you will find the tomb of Paul Rockenbauer, now a place of pilgrimage. The village has a thriving cultural life, thanks to its own traditional dance group. The old traditions are faithfully preserved and revived, and their beautiful costumes are cherished. Visitors are welcome to taste their priceless treasures. The woodcarving exhibition of János Berta, the country house of local artefacts, the Straw Treasure Trove, the world-famous Museum of Eggs and the Wine Museum are all here and offer many interesting events throughout the year! The local farmers' love for their guests, the taste of their brandies and wines, the stunning beauty of the landscape - whatever the season - is enticing and captivating for a lifetime! Visit Zengővárkony and discover the many treasures of this beautiful village!

More information: www.zengovarkony.hu

How to get there

There are direct bus connections from Pécs bus station to Zengővárkony. By car you have to take road 6: leave Pécs in an easterly direction.

7720 Zengővárkony
Phone number
+36 30 985 4110
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