Zengővárkony, a village with only about 400 inhabitants is situated 17 km from Pécs, at the foot of the Zengő hill, in a valley surrounded by a beautiful chestnut forest. This peaceful little village is an ideal place for relaxing, and enjoying the beauties of nature by hiking in the area. The grave of Pál Rockenbauer (famous Hungarian hiker, editor of some very popular Hungarian nature films) can be found in the chestnut forest of Zengővárkony, and is a place of pilgrimage for hikers. Culture life is blooming in the village, thanks to the efforts of the local traditional folkdance group. They conserve and relive the old traditions, take care of the wonderful traditional costumes. They are glad to give a sample of these traditions by performing them for visitors. Many museums found their „homes” in Zengővárkony, just as the exhibition of carver János Berta, the village museum exhibiting objects of the local history, the straw museum with many straw „treasures”, the egg museum „Art on Egg”, the winery called „Wine Museum”. Besides the permanent exhibitions these museums are also organizing colorful events every year. The welcoming attitude of the locals, their delicious „pálinka” and wine, the beauty of the nature throughout the year are attracting many visitors to the village. Be part of the experience, and take a trip to beautiful Zengővárkony.

Source: Municipality of Zengővárkony
More information: www.zengovarkony.hu


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