Villány is the home of red wines, the centre of the historic Villány Wine Region.

The Villány Templom Hill, which rises in the easternmost part of the Villány Hills and is famous mainly for its paleontological finds, is a protected natural site. With 200 families in Villány engaged in some form of wine and catering, the municipality is paying particular attention to further improving the conditions for tourism. As a member of the European Union, Villány is striving to offer its guests a special gastronomic experience with its local food and wine.

How to get there

By car you have to drive on the road 58, then at the roundabout at the suburb you have to turn onto the M60, then towards Rákóczi Ferenc u., Petőfi u. and Kölcsey Ferenc u. until here: Villány.

7773 Villány
Phone number
+36 72 592 930
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