The world of Coinbase and Binance

Recently, we have seen a huge development in the world of digital currencies. This development has also affected the technical background and, of course, the purchase prices. Let us look at the main indicators of this development: Binance and Coinbase.

What is a Binance card?

It is a card that can be used to pay at more than sixty million locations around the world. So you can settle your accounts directly with cryptocurrency using this tool. It is very simple to use. It is practically no different from a normal debit card that many people know. To use this facility, you need to register with the system in advance.
The Coinbase card
This company's product works in a very similar way to the previous one. It is actually a Visa debit card. This debit card helps us to use the balance of our Coinbase account for our purchases. It allows us to use our cryptocurrencies as if we were using regular money. Fortunately, this tool can be used in millions of locations around the world.

We are talking about exchanges with good liquidity

A very important basic thesis is that liquidity is of paramount importance in the various stock exchanges. This solvency is highly correlated with the familiarity of the platform. Ultimately, this is the source of revenue for cryptocurrency trading. It is safe to say that this is the heart of the exchanges. With Tradensea trading packages, trading will be really easy and successful!
Fortunately, Coinbase and Binance are also extremely well-known and high-volume trading platforms. Trading on both sites exceeds the tens of billions of dollars. This ensures that they are extremely reliable platforms. Moreover, this trading value is constantly increasing as capital flows from traditional exchanges to these platforms.
Today, it is much easier to start trading cryptocurrencies than it was just a few years ago. It used to require considerable knowledge and experience. A huge advantage is that today, even a novice trader can trade under the same conditions as their counterparts with many years of experience.
The recent growth rate of these decentralised exchanges is truly commendable. The number of loyal users of Coinbase has already surpassed seventy million, but Binance has no reason to complain either, with 400 million registered traders, making it one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.
Huge revenuesThe volume of cryptocurrency trading has grown at an unprecedented rate compared to other investments. With the rise of digitalisation and decentralised money, the growth of the largest cryptocurrency markets seems unstoppable.
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