Szigetvár wrote its name into Hungarian history in 1566, when the army of Sultan Suleiman was held back by Miklós Zrínyi and his defenders.

After the fall of the castle, the Turkish occupation lasted 123 years. Several important buildings commemorate the Ottoman rule. The former mosque of Ali Pasha, built in 1589, is located in the main square of Szigetvár. It has undergone several alterations over the years, but its architectural character has been preserved to this day. The Suleiman Mosque, built in honour of the victorious Sultan, is located in the courtyard of the castle. Today, only the lower third of the minaret, with its fourteen angles, is visible. The former caravanserai is the only surviving residential building of Turkish architecture in Hungary. The "Turkish House" was originally used to accommodate travellers passing through and is now the site of exhibitions on Turkish themes. The Spa and Thermal Baths, inaugurated in 2007, offer seven swimming pools and a wide range of spa services. The Turkish-Hungarian Friendship Park is located on the outskirts of the town, along the road 67, on the site of the supposed tent of the conquering sultan. Here you can see the portraits of the two commanders of the siege of 1566, the tomb of Sultan Suleiman and an ornate Turkish drinking fountain.

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Castle of Szigetvár:

Opening hours of the Castle of Szigetvár:
1st May-30th September:
Every day: 9.00-18.00
1st October-30 April:
Thuesday-Sunday: 9.00-16.00

Entrance fees:

Adults: 1500 Ft/person

Students, pensioners: 1200 Ft/person

Family ticket: 3900 Ft

How to get there

By car, take the road number 6, while buses run directly from the bus station.

7900 Szigetvár
Phone number
+36 73 514 300
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