After the fall of the Szigetvár the Turks ruled the town for 123 years. Several significant monuments recall the Turkish occupation. On the main square of Szigetvár stands the mosque of Ali Pasha which was build in 1589. It was under reconstruction for many times but its architectural character was preserved. In the courtyard of the castle the mosque of Suleiman can be found which was build in the honor of the victorious sultan. Nowadays only the lower third of the fourteen angle shaped minaret can be seen. The former caravanserai is the only residence in Hungary which has remained intact from the Turkish architecture. The „Turkish house” used to be an accommodation for the travelers, nowadays it is a place for exhibitions. The Spa and Thermal Bath was finished in 2007. The Spa is waiting for the guests with its seven pools and a wide variety of medical services. At the border of the town, along the road 67 the Turkish-Hungarian Friendship Park can be found which is situated at the supposed site of the conquering sultan. The statues of the generals of the siege in 1566 can be visited. The tomb of Sultan Suleiman and an ornate Turkish drinking well also can be found there.

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