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The beautiful Synagogue of Pécs was built between 1868 and 1869 according to the plans of architects Frigyes Feszl, Károly Gerster and Lipót Kauser. The huge synagogue of Pécs is the largest in the western part of Hungary. Built in the Romantic style, the Jewish church is now in immaculate condition, having undergone continuous maintenance since its renovation in the 1980s.Jews had already lived in Pécs before the Ottoman occupation, but it took a long time after the Turkish expulsion for them to resettle.In 1692, the mostly German citizens took an oath not to allow non-Catholics into the city. Nevertheless, the Jewish population grew and their culture spread. Cemeteries were bought, prayer houses were built and synagogues were built. The famous Jewish school in Pécs and the romantic Nagyzsinagóga, which is still in use today, were built. Its designers were Frigyes Feszl (his famous work is the sanctuary dome of the Dohány Street Synagogue), Károly Gerster and Lipót Kauser. The building is the work of Adolf Engel (1820-1903). He was the first self-made man in Pécs. He started as a travelling merchant Batyus, and in recognition of his business activities he was granted the noble title of "János" by Franz Joseph I.
The main façade of the church is divided into three parts, and in the centre is a biblical quotation in Hebrew: 'A house of prayer for all the people.' This means that worship services can be attended by people of any religion. At the top of the façade are the so-called "Mosaic tablets" with the numerals of the Ten Commandments. Its organ is an industrial monument. The organ was built by József Angster, the head of the then new organ factory, and was the first work of the factory. It was made in 1869 and was a great success for the young master. It has 2 manuals, 24 stops and 1534 pipes.
The nave has a triple division and is surrounded by a gallery on the upper floor. Until the opening of the Pécs Ghetto (9 May 1944), the women were always seated in the gallery and the men on the ground floor. Due to the tragic losses of World War II, the former parish of 4,000 people was reduced to one-eighth of its former size, and the lofts are no longer in use. Since the estimated number of Jews in Pécs is now less than 300, the community now uses the small church (prayer room) much more often. A minjen (required number), i.e. the presence of 10 men, is a prerequisite for worship. The language of the services is still Hebrew. Thanks to the Valuable Pécs project, the Jewish Community of Pécs has restored the interior of the synagogue and the renovated space has been turned into an exhibition on the history of Baranja Jewry.


Adult: 800 HUF/person
The synagogue is closed from 1 November to 31 March, but visitors are welcome by appointment!It is closed on religious and public holidays.

How to get there

You can reach it from the main railway station and from the bus stop of the Market Hall by buses 4 and 4Y, and then you have to walk 200 metres from the Árkád shopping centre.

Parking lots are available in the underground garage under Kossuth Square.

7621 Pécs, Fürdő utca 1
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+3672315881; +3672214863
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