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This was the result of an oath taken by the German citizens of Pécs from 1692, who swore not to allow any non-Catholic person to settle in the city. Despite this the number of Jews rose and their culture spread. They purchased a cemetery, furnished a sanctuary and built a Synagogue. The famous Jewish school of Pécs and the still functioning Romantic style Great Synagogue were also built. It was designed by Frigyes Feszl (his best-known work is the Sanctuary Dome of the Synagogue in Dohány Street, Budapest), Károly Gerster and Lipót Kauser. The building is to the merit of Adolf Engel (1820-1903). Pécs’s first self-made man was president of the Congregation. He began life as a travelling agent and was later bestowed a noble title by Francis Joseph I as a reward for his work.

The main façade of the building is separated into three parts with a quotition from the Torah in the middle, put in Hebrew: “House of prayer for all nations”. In other words, religious people of all faiths are welcome to visit services here. On top of the façade we can find the “Tablets of Moses” with the numbers of the Ten Commandments. Its organ is a piece of industrial history as it was the first masterpiece of the newly established Organ Manufacture. It was manufactured in 1869 and brought huge success to the young manufacturer. It has 2 manuals, 24 registers and 1,534 pipes.

The nave also has 3 main parts and is surrounded by a balcony on the second floor. Until the establishment of the first Ghetto of Pécs (9 May, 1944) women also attended on the balconies while men occupied the ground floor. As a result of the tragic pogroms of World War II the former congregation of 4,000 believers was reduced to only 1/8th of its original size. As the estimated number of the members of the congregation is only 300 people the Congregation tends to use the smaller church (sanctuary) more regularly. The basic criterion of worship is the presence of at least ten men. They still use the Hebrew language in the sanctuary. Thanks to the Valuable Pécs project the restoration of the inside of the Synagouge can get under way and in the renewed interior an exhibition is going to be held about the history of Jews in Baranya.


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Visit to the Synagogue outside opening hours is possible for groups with advance booking.


A Főpályaudvarról és a Vásárcsarnok buszmegállójából a 4 és 4Y számú buszokkal közelíthető meg, majd az Árkádtól 200 métert kell sétálni.

Parkolási lehetőség a Kossuth tér alatti mélygarázsban.

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