Statue of Ferenc Liszt

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at 24:00


To the left of the entrance to the Bishop's Palace, on a symbolic balcony, stands Imre Varga's work, a plate sculpture commemorating Ferenc Liszt's concert in Pécs.

It commemorates the world-famous composer's visit to Pécs on 24 October 1846, when he was a guest of the Bishop of Pécs. It was here that he composed what became known as the 'Esztergom Mass' - the bishop turned bishop turned Esztergom primate. Liszt's figure faces the Cathedral, tradition has it, to hear the tinkling of the bells of the basilica and draw inspiration from it.

Where to find it?

Szent István Square 2., Pécs 7621

How to get there

From the Railway Station you can take buses 34, 35 or 35Y, then walk 200 metres from the Barbican.

Parking is available at the Barbican.

Liszt Ferenc szobra
7621 Pécs, Szent István tér 2.
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