St. Bartholomew’s Bell Tower

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The 21st century tower of the mosque. The congregation had long wanted Catholic services to be accompanied by bells again, so in 2004 they got a bell tower.The bell is temporarily out of order.
The three bells on the three columns are in fact a moving sculpture capable of rising into a tower. It is raised from a depth of 13 metres to a height of 13 metres by hydraulics. The bronze sculpture depicts St Bartholomew the Apostle, patron saint of the vineyards and the vineyards. Bartholomew died a martyr's death in 70 AD, brutally executed. He was skinned, crucified and beheaded. The statue's serpent therefore refers to Bartholomew's actions, the exorcism, the cross represents suffering, and the saint's body, also in bronze, is stripped of its skin. The chimes and the composition is out of order.

How to get there

From the main railway station and the Fairgrounds bus stop you can reach it by buses 4 and 4Y, then walk 500 metres up Irgalmasok Street from the Árkád shopping centre.

Parking lots are available in the underground garage under Kossuth Square.

Szent Bertalan harangtorony
7621 Pécs, Széchenyi tér
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