Siklós is famous for its medieval castle which is one of Hungary’s most intact and uniform historical monuments. It has been mentioned in documents already in 1294. The castle is located on a six hectares ground and it was the property of the Soklyosi, Garai, Perényi and the Batthyány family too.
The mosque of Malkocs bej which was built in the XVI. century can be seen in the city center.The Turkish historical monument has won the Europe Nosta award and has been reconstructed to its original condition. In the sanctuary of the Roman Catholic church a significant ensemble of frescoes from the XV. century can be seen. The mural paintings were made by Italian artists.

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Opening hours of the Castle of Siklós:
1st April-31st October:
Every day: 9.30-18.00
1st November-31st March:
Moday: closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 9.30-17.00


Autóval az 58-as úton kell haladni majd Harkány előtt kell lekanyarodni a Péci útra Siklós irányába.

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