Serbian Orthodox Chapel

The Ottoman conquerors converted Christian churches into mosques, while at the same time setting up bishoprics for the Serbian mercenaries who served in their armies in large numbers.The Catholic clergy were obliged to pay taxes to the Serbian bishop. The Orthodox chapel of St. Simeon the Apostle, which stands today, is more like a house of prayer, having been built in 1947 by converting a residential building. The parish is still in operation, with regular daily services and Sunday liturgy. The chapel takes its name from Saint Simeon of Osplos, who chose the peculiar form of hermitage by not retiring to a hut or cave, but moving to the top of a pillar. Thanks to the Valuable Pécs project, the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Buda is able to make an old dream come true. A new chapel and a bell tower will be built for its parishioners, as well as a permanent exhibition entitled "Serbian Church Art in Baranya County".

How to get there

It is accessible from the main railway station by buses 7, 7Y, 38, 39, 40, getting off at the Zsolnay statue.

Szerb ortodox imaház
7621 Pécs, Zrínyi u. 15.
Phone number
+36 30 659 5790
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