Püspökszentlászló is a historical site in the Mecsek, its castle and church are outstanding late Baroque monuments, and the arboretum of the castle park is a popular hiking destination.

The village combines the spirit of a historical site with the beautiful landscape of the castle park and the ancient nature. The renovated castle building, which has been closed for a long time, opens its doors and reveals its hitherto unknown values. The history of the village dates back to the century after the Turkish occupation, when Bishop Pál Eszterházy of Pécs built a church and a summer residence in the deserted village. This building was renovated by Bishop Gyula Zichy in the early 20th century. The building was then used by Orsolya order nuns during the Second World War, and its adventurous history led to the crisis of state socialism, during which the most famous martyr of the communist regime was imprisoned in the bishop's summer house in 1955: Cardinal József Mindszenty.By 2015, the mansion and the church will be completely renovated, with pilgrimage accommodation and the restored castle itself, which will be open to the public, displaying its relics and relics.

How to get there

By car, take road 6, then turn off at the Cseresznyés road towards Hosszúhetény.

7694 Hosszúhetény, Püspökszentlászló
Phone number
+36 30 296 0467
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