Pécsvárad riches monuments and touristical sights. The image of the settlement shows the dignity of the former ecclesial centre has founded by the King. This centurial sight determinated by the catholic church and the castle which are standing out on the foreground of Zengő. Rare sight of the town is a chapel from the 10th century with fresco remains from the age of prince Géza and King Stephen I. The castle and the ruin garden keep in the memory of roman, gothic and renaissance remains. The church of Our Lady was built in 1767 with rococo altars, pulpits and equipment. The All Saints chapel built in the 12nd century, the reformed church built in 1785. Famous building is the city hall, the former military hospital and cavalry barrack, the pharmacy, the building complex of Kossuth square, the German farmhouses. The history of the monastery is showed in the castle’s museum. There can be found the permanent exhibition of Sándor Kígyós (1943-1984) sculpture
and the Nemes-Nagel memorial room. The memorial room shows the life work of Endre Nemes painter and Lajos Nemes-Nagel book publisher. Károly László art collector from Basel has a collection from Bali island. The sculptures and graphics from the 20th century can be visited here also.

Pécsvárad is situated at the footsteps of Zengő (682 m) the highest point of Mecsek hills. It is one of the ancient settlements of Hungary with rich historical memories. The castle of Pécsvárad was founded by King Saint Stephen I. as a Benedictine monastery. They organize archery for children in usual. They give a map and provisions for the journey for those people who registrated in advanced. The town supply for many contemporary exhibition and museums. The indoor swimming pool is a nice example of contemporary architecture.

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