Orfű and its surroundings


In the 1960’s this territory has been formed into a holiday resort which is known as Orfű. First the 11 hectares large Lake Orfű was ready where swimming, boating, and fishing is possible. The smallest lake of the lake systeme is exploited by the Orfű Fishing Association. The lake is fed by sources, its quality is excellent. The Southeastern part of the lake the Mill museum can be found. The nearly 200 years old mill nowadays stands still and recalls the milling technology the recent past. In the mill a folk oil mill was working until 1946. Each of its oak beams are one and a half tons and they give an accurate illustration of the process of pressing oil. The biggest lake was created in 1966. Lake Pécsi is a paradise for the swimmers anglers and the water sport lovers. Currently this lake has the biggest water surface in Baranya county. It is followed by the Lake Herman Ottó which is a fish and bird reserve. Besides the many waterbirds it is also a habitat for a rare and protected animal, the otter.

Tourist information: www.orfu.hu

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