Orfű and its surroundings


The stream flowing down the valley of Orfű joined three small villages, and two more were settled in the eastern side valleys.

In the 1960s, this area was transformed into a single holiday resort, now known as Orfű. The first to be completed was the 11-hectare Lake Orfűi, where you can swim, go boating and fishing. The smallest lake in the Orfű lake system is used by the Orfű Fishing Association. The lake is fed by springs and has excellent water quality. The Malom Museum is located at the south-eastern end of the lake. The almost 200-year-old dry mill is still standing, a reminder of the milling technology of the past. In the same mill, a traditional oil mill was in operation until 1946, and its oak beams, each weighing almost one and a half tonnes, still provide a realistic illustration of the oil pressing process. In 1966, the largest lake in the Orfű lake system, Lake Pécs, was created on 72 hectares, to the delight of bathers, anglers and water sports enthusiasts. It is currently the largest lake in Baranya County. These were followed by the 30-hectare Herman Ottó Lake, a fish and bird reserve, home to many species of waterfowl and rare protected animals such as otters.

For information about attractions, seasonal programmes and their prices, visit the Orfű website: https://orfu.hu/en/

How to get there

It is directly accessible by bus from the Pécs bus station. By car, you can reach it via road 6, then Magyarürögi út.

7677 Orfű
Phone number
+36 72 598 116
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