One of Baranya's richest cemeteries from the Avar period excavated

The Avarkor cemetery, excavated at the site "Babarc - from TSz major south to road 57", in the Babarc Motorway Engineering Works between August 2021 and January 2022, is also important for its rich archaeological and scientific significance.The archaeological excavation, carried out jointly by the Janus Pannonius Museum and Ásatárs Ltd., on a 3-hectare site, was a complete surprise to uncover one of the richest cemeteries in Baranya County, used in the Early Avar period of the Migration Period.Of the 161 archaeological sites discovered, 83 were pits, 12 stakes, 4 ditches, 44 graves, 15 so-called sacrificial pits, 2 sacrificial features and 1 feature containing human or animal ashes. The 44 graves excavated make the site unique. The very rich cemetery of the Early Avar period (first third of the 5th century AD - 895 AD) of the Migration Period (568-7 second half of the 7th century AD) was used between the beginning and the middle of the 7th century AD, according to the coins found.
The scientific importance of the excavated cemetery is that it allows us to date the Avar conquest precisely, to reconstruct its course and to date the use of the cemetery precisely. The cemetery's low robbery rate (15%) makes it possible to reconstruct burial customs and male and female dress. The structure allows reconstruction of the sacral spaces of the cemetery, which were only begun, and shows ethnic links to Transdanubia and Eastern Europe.

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