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Mecseknádasd, the hidden wine village, lies in a picturesque valley on the border of the East Mecsek Landscape Protection Area.

The Swabian settlement at the foot of the Schlossberg castle hill and the Templom hill, with its meandering Réka stream, the Schlossberg castle hill and the Templom hill, is rightly called the "gateway to the Eastern Mecsek". It is not difficult to spot deer and elk in their natural habitat in the wildlife-rich forests.

The people living here still preserve their typical German dialect, folk dances and crafts. This can be traced in the use of the language, in the events and in the tidy portraits. An interesting feature of the village structure is the five large cellar rows in the dunes. The fine wines that come from the vineyards and wine cellars of the winegrowers and winegrowers in the old-style cellar rows are a testimony to their diligence and respect for tradition. As part of the Pécs-Mecsek wine route, the settlement is also the host of the national wine competition of the Germans in Hungary.

In addition to the natural values, the built cultural heritage also holds many values and secrets. The Schlossberg castle hill and lookout, the German National Landscape House, the remains of the Réka castle wall, the German Study Trail, the House of Crafts, the Keszler Water Mill, chapels and churches, and the chapel are all part of a journey through time, from the Árpád period through the Turkish occupation to the Swabian settlements of the 18th century. Our master potters, ceramists, woodcarvers and beekeepers will also give demonstrations and workshops.

The Rockenbauer Pál South Transdanubian Blue Route and the Mária Route cross the village, with mountain bike paths and dance paths along the way.

Visit Mecseknádasd, be our guest!


Busszal a pécsi autóbusz-állomásról közvetlen járatokkal elérhető. Autóval a 6-os úton kell végigmenni Mecseknádasdig.

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