Mecsek Mining Museum


In the Mecsek Mining Museum, you can take a journey through the history of coal and uranium mining with the help of tools, instruments, maps, documents and a 440-metre-long underground section with typical minerals, rocks and fossils of Mecsek.


The Mecsek Mining Museum, located in the courtyard of the Vasarely Museum on Káptalan Street, consists of two large units: the west wing, above ground, has two rooms presenting the history of coal mining and uranium mining. In the showcases you can see the tools and instruments used in the past, maps and documents from the period. Tables and photographs provide information on the events and happenings of the more than 200 years from the beginning of mining (1780s) to its end.

The other large unit is the underground exhibition in the east wing. In the first part of the 440-metre-long underground section, a geological display helps you to find your way around the typical minerals, rocks and fossils of the Mecsek, including fossilised dinosaur footprints among the many interesting impressions. Archival photographs on the walls demonstrate the extreme difficulty of working underground and the many dangers miners face.

The walk continues along a ledge with a mica display to the lower section, which tries to evoke the image and atmosphere of the real mine. First you will see a mine sinking workplace with a bucket for both workers and excavated material, then the exhibition will move through the different types of mine shafts, showing the evolution of headings from the wooden shaft to the hydraulic props and the self-propelled header safety device.

You can also see the "people's truck" used to transport miners, the mine locomotive, the cylinders and wagons used to transport various materials, as well as drilling machines, ventilation equipment and many other interesting mining objects. The exhibition closes with a section on the uranium mine, where you will find, among other things, a drill carriage, a self-propelled loader, a battery-powered locomotive, among other things, placed between the safety equipment used in the uranium mine and an imitation of the rock containing uranium ore.

Entrance fees:

  • Adult: 700 Ft
  • Student, pensioner: 350 Ft

Opening hours:
Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00

Mecsek Mining Museum
H-7621 Pécs, Káptalan str. 3.
+36 30 934 6127

Mecseki Bányászati Múzeum
7621 Pécs, Káptalan u. 3.
Phone number
+36 30 934 6127
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Monday: Closed
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