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The twin-spired pilgrimage church of Máriagyűd and the cloister were home to Franciscan monks offering mental care for those in need. The statue of Mary in the church is from 1712. On the hill belonging to the pilgrimage church a Calvary was built, the reliefs of the stations of the cross being made in the Zsolnay porcelain factory of Pécs.
East of the pilgrimage church we find the Holy Well. Its water was taken home in “Gyűd jars” by the pilgrims visiting here.A church festival is held in Máriagyűd on every St. Mary’s Day and on the more significant Catholic holidays, a total of 25-27 festivals a year. The annual number of pilgrims visiting Máriagyűd is estimated at 500,000. Máriagyűd was officially recognised as a place of pilgrimage by Pope Pius VII. in 1805.
On 14 September 2008 the pilgrimage church was granted the rank of Basilica Minor by Pope Benedict XVI.
Source: www.villanyiborvidek.hu

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Pilgrimage Church
Opening hours in Summer:
8.00 - 20.00
(From 8.00 AM until 20.00 PM or when nights fall)

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7818 Siklós-Máriagyűd, Vujicsics T. str. 66.
Telephone: +36 72 579 000, +36 30 349 1065
Web: www.mariagyud.hu


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Máriagyűdi Bazilika
7818, Vujicsics T. u. 68.
Phone number
+36 72 579 000
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