Komló and surroundings


Sikonda is a climatic resort, here the post-treatment institute for miners and sanatorium is to be found.
Komló has an excellent and high capacity of sports facilities. There are a wide range of sport activities regarding health preservation and hobby levels.
Horse-riding lovers have also the opportunity practice their favourite activity as in Komló there are two riding-halls which welcomes visitors.
Its varied landscape, its minor roads makes the region an excellent destination for bikers. The Komló-Mecsekpölöske-Magyarszék-Sikonda cycle path, which is 11.5 km, connects several tourist attraction, and it could be tackled by an average cyclist.
The Mecsek-Hegyhát Tourism Association has been recently founded. Important to note that in terms of guest nights our city has reached the level of Kaposvar and Villany.

Source: Komló Municipality Mayor's Office


Tömegközlekedéssel az Autóbusz-Állomásról busszal közelíthető meg legegyszerűbben a város. Autóval a 66-os úton kell menni.

Komló Városház tér
7300 Komló
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