Komló and its surroundings


Due to its location, Komló offers a lot of opportunities for tourists. Sikonda, an administrative part of Komló, is situated in a beautiful forested valley. Sikonda is a climatic health resort, where the Mining Aftercare and Night Sanatorium is located.

Komló has excellent sports facilities of considerable capacity. There is a wide range of sporting activities, both health and leisure. Horse riding is also available, with two riding stables in Komló.

Its rugged topography, low-traffic highways and mountain bike routes make the area a popular destination for cycling tourists. The Komló-Mecsekpölöske-Magyarszék-Sikonda cycle route, 11.5 km long, links several tourist attractions and can be recommended to cyclists of average physical fitness.

Source: Komló City Municipality Mayor's Office


Tömegközlekedéssel az Autóbusz-Állomásról busszal közelíthető meg legegyszerűbben a város. Autóval a 66-os úton kell menni.

Komló Városház tér
7300 Komló
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