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The Bishop's Library of Pécs, the direct predecessor of the University of Pécs Library, was founded by Bishop György Klimo of Pécs (1751-1777) in 1774 and was the first in Hungary to make it public for the "public benefit" of all.

The bishop originally wanted to re-launch the first university in Pécs, and he also designed his book collection in this spirit. Thus, the library's collection included the basic volumes of all the disciplines that had been established up to the 18th century: theology, medicine and jurisprudence, history and its auxiliary sciences, natural sciences, linguistics and literature.


1-2 Szepesy Ignác str. Pécs 7621
Telephone: +36 72 501 600/22651


Megközelíthető a Főpályaudvarról a 44-es buszokkal, leszállás a Szent István téren.

Klimo gyűjtemény
7621 Pécs, Szepesy u. 1-3.
Phone number
+36 72 501 600/22651
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