Janus Pannonius Museum: three applications, 125 million Forints in funding

The Janus Pannonius Museum has won a total of 125 million Forints in three different tenders. The funds will be used to create a large-scale permanent and temporary exhibition and a scientific programme.
1) New permanent exhibition at 12 Széchenyi SquareThe Hungarian Genius Programme will provide the maximum funding available, 100 million Forints, for a new permanent exhibition in the building at 12 Széchenyi Square (formerly the Archaeological Museum). This will create a state-of-the-art exhibition in the centre of Pécs, covering the themes of three museum collections and replacing the missing (archaeological) or obsolete (historical and ethnographic) permanent exhibitions of the Janus Pannonius Museum. The state-of-the-art infrastructure will be complemented by services that the JPM did not have before: visitors will be welcomed by a central information and ticketing centre with a cloakroom and a museum shop.The thematic units of the new permanent exhibition will be based on sites in Pécs and Baranya that were the starting points or centres of county or national events. The specific locations and events focus on important personalities (geniuses) whose influence usually goes beyond Pécs and Baranya (e.g. Janus Pannonius, Miklós Zrínyi, Antal Verancsics). It also focuses on institutions, sites (e.g. the Bishopric of Pécs, Ormánság, the St. Mary's Feast), products (e.g. Zsolnay porcelain, Pécs gloves) that are well-known in the country or are part of the cultural heritage of our country. The easily accessible exhibition material will enhance the attractiveness of the region, introducing tourists to new places, traditions and attractions linked to the region. The exhibition would be opened to visitors on Pécs City Day, 1 September 2023.2) Petőfi 200 exhibitionJPM's application for the Petőfi 200 programme was awarded a grant of 20 million Forints. This will be used to create a temporary exhibition linked to the Petőfi commemorative year, with a selection of important artefacts from the collections of the History, Ethnography and Fine and Applied Arts Departments.New approaches and openness to the interested public are the hallmarks of the museum's plan. Discover what was hidden! Preserve it and pass it on! It aims to reach out to the younger generation, including schoolchildren, to promote informal education, to showcase scientific findings and to share the cultural assets in our collections with the public.
The exhibition will focus on the local character of the area, will include unprocessed sources, will cover the reform era, the 1848/49 revolution and the war of independence, and will also look at the history of our '48 symbols up to the present day.This special exhibition will be created together with the future visitors, as the final theme - on the present-day survival of national memory linked to the War of Independence, which will be presented in a digital book - will be based on entries from students. This autumn, the JPM
This autumn, the JPM plans to announce the competition for schools in Pécs and Baranya County, in the framework of which we would like to give space to works of non-traditional genres in addition to literary and fine arts. Those interested will also be able to express their opinions and cast their votes on the reform-era events and public issues presented in the exhibition. The exhibition, which will run for a year, will be accompanied by museum education sessions and a variety of interesting programmes.3) High quality publications and publications on wild plant useThe Hungarian Genius Programme has supported the scientific programme "Ethnobotany of wild plants - our folk plant heritage" with 5 million Forints. The aim of the project is to collect, thematically organise, systematise and publish data on the ancient plant use as part of the Hungarian cultural heritage. The data and information collected in the course of the programme will be published in a high-quality book, in Hungarian and English publications, and in several scientific dissemination materials.

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