Ferenc Martyn Gallery

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The attic gallery, named after Ferenc Martyn, is an exhibition space of exceptional beauty with its late Baroque attic ceiling.

The House of Arts and Literature in Pécs has a large loft of almost 140 square metres with a late Baroque beam, making it an ideal venue for exhibitions and other events.

The gallery has hosted major exhibitions such as "The Eye of Simenon" - a photographic exhibition of the writer Georges Simenon, an exhibition of the painter Claude Morini, the Japanese Paper Art Exhibition and Demonstration, the Marc Chagall exhibition, the Salvador Dali exhibition, the exhibitions of György Fürtös, Károly Csonka, László Körtvélyesi, Sándor Molnár and the World Press Photo exhibition.
Ferenc Martyn, the eponymous sculptor, painter, graphic artist, illustrator and ceramist, was a pupil of József Rippl-Rónai. He was one of the first Hungarian representatives of the non-figurative movement. He also worked in fine ceramics, making bowls and vases at the Pécs Porcelain Factory.

7-8 Széchenyi square Pécs 7621
Telephone: +36 72 510 628

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 8.00-18.00

Martyn Ferenc Galéria
7621, Pécs, Széchenyi tér 7-8.
Phone number
+36 72 510 628
+36 72 510 629
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Monday: 10:00 - 18:00
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