Early Christian Mausoleum

Opening time
From 10:00
Closing time
at 17:00


It was found not so long ago, in 1975, and became the first underground mausoleum open to visitors. The cemetery chapel is one of the biggest ever to be found in Hungary and according to coins found here it was built in the second half of the fourth century. A painted chamber was found with the remains of three marble sarcophagi. One sculpted, figurative sarcophagus could be reconstructed from the fragments. The wall paintings depict biblical scenes: Daniel in the lion’s den and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Both are unique representations in Pannonia. The Christogram, symbol of the World Heritage of Pécs, can also be found here, above the Eucharist alcove.


World Heritage ticket
Full price ticket: 2800 HUF
Student / Teacher / Pensioner: 1900 HUF
Family: 7500 HUF
Valid for 2 days
Discount for person with disabilities+accompaying person: 300+300 HUF

We can provide guided tours, based on prior arrangement.
If you wish to request a guided tour, please indicate at least 48 hours before arrival at one of the following contacts:
e-mail: info@pecsorokseg.hu
phone number: +36 30 485 2351
Guided tours in foreign languages: 10000 HUF
Tickets are also available online on the Jegymester page.


It can be reached by bus from the Railway Station by buses 32 and 34Y, and then a 400 meter walk from Barbican.

Parking at the Barbican.
Ókeresztény Mauzóleum
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