Danube Drava National Park - Ancient Drava Visitor Centre

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Located 15 km from Harkány, in the Ormánság region near the village Szaporca, the Ancient Drava Visitor Centre presents information about Duna-Drava National Park, river Drava, the life once lived in the Ormánság region, and traditional ways of farming.

The spectacular and modern exhibition arranged in the main building of the visitor centre tells visitors about the typical habitat types and ethnographic traditions of the Ormánság landscape, as well as about how natural resources were once utilised in a nature-friendly way.

The fruit- tree collection of traditional, local varieties and the herb garden around the building offers visitors further interesting knowledge. A playground created by a folk artist, along with fireplaces is there for the guests to relax, and there is a lookout tower offering a view of the surrounding areas. The farm area built with the visitor centre displays indigenous Hungarian domestic animal breeds.

By walking along the three interactive study trails, visitors can learn about the wildlife of the Drava, traditional farming, and the Ancient Drava programme.
An information leaflet and an audioguide, both available in Hungarian, English, German and Croatian language, are there to be used by our guests visiting either on their own or in a group, aiding their stroll in the Visitor Centre. Hiking, canoe- and bicycle tours are also available, as well as other cultural or wildlife programmes, with guides or staff members of Duna-Drava National Park Directorate presenting about the visited wilderness.
For our currently available programmes, please visit www.odlk.hu.

Ancient Drava Visitor Centre
Address: H-7843 Szaporca
Telephone: +36 72 223 015, +36 30 402 7654
Web: www.odlk.hu
E-mail: info@odlk.hu


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Szaporca- Ős-Dráva Látogatóközpont
7843 Szaporca
Phone number
+36 72 223 015
+36 30 402 7654
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