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Its Romanesque gloom is lightened by the snow-clean whiteness of the southern facade. It is a special building, an emblem of the 1000 year continuity of Hungarians and a symbol of the continuous fight for Christianity and persistence. It was given the title “Basilica Minor” by Pope John Paul II. during his visit to Pécs. Construction of the two-tower, three-nave Basilica started after the decay of the former church at easter, 1064. It was a colossal work, including the work of architects from northern Italy, Lombardy and Hungary. It was extended with two more towers in the Middle Ages, and suffered token damage under the Turkish Occupation. Later on, every Bishop continued its renovation according to the artistic style of their age. It gained its recent shape as a result of the reconstructions of the nineteenth century. Even in its rebuilt form it still has the atmosphere of a medieval church. The facade depicting the Apostles has already been reformed three times, first in 1854. The recent line of statues is the work of Károly Antal and was inaugurated in 1963.

Stepping inside we can see a huge inner space divided by a triumphal arch, and the effect is only enhanced by the tabernacle main altar. In the choir stands a 4-manual organ with 6101 pipes, the work of the former Angster Organ Manufacture of Pécs. Chapels Heart of Jesus and Corpus Christi are decorated with the paintings of Károly Lotz. The world-famous frescoes of Bertalan Székely can be seen in Mary’s Chapel and also in the chapel named after Bishop St. Mor. The remains of Janus Pannonius were found and re-interred during archaeological excavations in the huge, five-nave, cross-vaulted, twelfth-century crypt. His memory is preserved with a statue. The south-eastern tower of the Cathedral has a fascinating view over the city.

The Berényi Fountain, built in 1739, stands at the northern side of the Cathedral. Over its simple, sculpted edge a splendid, forged railing can be seen with the coat-of-arms of Bishop Zsigmond Berényi. The obelisks on Dóm Square, decorated with the coat-of-arms of Bishop Nándor Dulánszky, were placed on the ends of the balustrades during the neo-Roman reconstruction of the Cathedral. The stones were hauled from the vicinity of Budafa to Pécs in six weeks by 22 oxen and 5 horses.


Full price tickets:
Adult: 1 900 HUF/person
Student, pensioner: 1.300 HUF/person

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Adult: 1 500 HUF/person
Student, pensioner: 1.000 HUF/person
Family tickets: 3 500 HUF


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Sun: 11.30-17.00

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Mon-Sat: 9.00-17.00
Sun 11.30-17.00


It is accessible from the Main Railway Station by buses 34, 35 and 36Y and then you have to walk 200 meters from the Barbican.

Parking facility at the Barbican.

Pécsi Székesegyház
7621, Dóm tér 2.
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