Cathedral Lapidary


The modern lapidarium was designed by Zoltán Bachman, a Kossuth Prize-winning architect from Pécs. It presents a number of valuable stone carvings from the Árpád period, a rich church decoration that is unique in Hungary.

Its lapidary reflects the different periods of the church's construction, especially the Romanesque period, when the building took its present form. The exhibition provides a comprehensive picture of the beauty and former richness of the restored Cathedral building, and helps to understand the aspects of the 19th century reconstruction, the aesthetic and theological principles of the period.


8. Káptalan str. Pécs 7621
Telephone:+36 30 373 8900
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Opening hours:

The Dome Stone Gallery can be visited by prior registration.

Dóm Kőtár
7621 Pécs, Káptalan u. 8.
Phone number
+36 30 373 8900
+36 72 513 057
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