Calvinist Church of Kertváros

It was a dream of the suburban Reformed in the 1980s to have a church in their own part of town.
The organisation of the Suburbs Reformed Congregation began in 1983-84, and in 1986 the congregation house was built. The first service was held on 20 September 1987 in the meeting hall, which is considered the "birth" of the community. In 1989, church construction began, based on plans by Ernő Tillai; the church was built in 1994. On the ceiling of the building you can see 159 wooden panels from Ormánság decorated with floral ornaments. With the country's first variable slide organ, the church of the suburban Reformed Church is now fully decorated.


Friday: 18:00

Sunday: 9.30

How to get there

Accessible by buses 3,6, 130, 130A. Get off at the Kertváros stop.

Kertvárosi Református Egyházközség temploma
7632 Pécs, Tildy Zoltán u. 12.
Phone number
+36 72 441 550
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