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A steep flight of steps leads up to the monument to the Passion of Christ near the north gate of the city wall.
But the sacredness of the place and the stunning panorama are worth the effort.

On the site of the Chapel of Corpus Christi, which stood here in the 13th century, the Jesuits initiated the construction of the stupas, and in 1814 the single-towered chapel, one of our earliest neoclassical circular churches. The interesting thing about the Calvary of Pécs is that the placement of the stations is different from the usual, as they do not follow each other diagonally from the bottom up, but start from the west side and go upwards, then downwards on the east side. Another interesting feature is the new rest terrace. This is where the new cement type TioCem was first used. The surface of the concrete pavement made using this new technology reacts chemically with the sun and is able to absorb pollutants in the air.

The new attraction is called the Eight Happiness Terrace. The Eight Happinesses are represented by "concrete seals" embedded in the terrace floor

How to get there

You can get there from the main train station by buses 32 and 34, then walk 100 metres from the tunnel.

Parking is available at the Barbican.
7625 Pécs, Kálvária u. 70.
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