The village of Bükkösd is located in the Szentlőrinci sub-region of Baranya County.

Today's Bükkösd was formed by the merger of three settlements, Megyefa on the eastern side of the valley in 1950 and Gorica on the depopulated side in 1979. Today, 1300 people live in the municipality, which forms a district municipality with the village of Cserdi.

The name Bükkösd appears relatively late, in 1448 in written sources, in the form of Nagybekes. It was formed from the noun meaning beech, beech forest in Hungarian. The habitational name Megyefa is a shortened form of Megyefalva. The name of Gorica was Erdi in 1542. The name Bükkösd was then a variant of Bykesd. The name Erdi was replaced by the settling southern Slavs with Gorica, a translation of the Hungarian name, which also means a small forest. By the end of the Turkish occupation, the territory of all three former villages had become a deserted wasteland, settled by Hungarians and then Germans in the 1700s. From the 18th century, the Horváth, Petrovszky and then Jeszenszky families owned the present Bükkösd.
The Petrovszky, later Jeszenszky castle, which is protected as a historical monument, is considered the most elegant Baroque castle in Baranya County. It was designed by Fischer von Erlach, the famous architect of Maria Theresa.

In 2011, the country's largest privately owned eco-park, the Bükkösd Wildlife Park and Eco-Park, opened its doors at the junction of the slopes of the South Zselic and the West Mecsek.

The park includes a wildlife park, a wildlife garden and a paddock system for native and indigenous Hungarian domestic animals. Visitors can see a variety of aquatic and terrestrial birds, as well as large game species found in Hungary, in their natural habitat. In the wildlife park, walking and hiking trails have been created to see the animals in their natural habitat.

For more information: https://okobukkosd.hu/en/


A település busszal és vonattal is egyaránt megközelíthető, busszal az autóbusz-állomásról, vonattal a főpályaudvarról indulnak járatok. Autóval a 6-os úton kell menni Szentlőrinc irányába.

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