Block of the House of the Elephant

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From 11:30
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at 23:00


A place for family tales of Pécs.

For some time a bakery was operating here, but later on, from 1744 it was owned for almost a century by the Hoitsy family, who had a prestigious genteel residence on the second floor. Later on Ferenc Schneckenberger turned it into a restaurant which became well-known under the name of White Elephant. Later it was purchased by József Piatsek who, being an architect, transformed it into a tenement house, giving the building its recent shape. The grocery- metal- and colonial produce shop of Pucher, called “To the Black Elephant” also used to occupy this building. Its inner space is the Hild Garden.


It can be reached from the Train Station by bus 4 and 4Y, then you have to walk up 500 meters from Árkád on Irgalmasok utca, then turn left at Széchenyi Square.

Parking in the underground garage in Kossuth Square.

Elefántos ház tömbje
7621 Jókai tér 6.
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Monday: 11:30 - 23:00
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The building can be viewed at any time of the day.

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