Bishop’s Palace and the Secret Passage

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From 14:00
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The 12th century building, which dates back to the foundations, houses the bishop's study and salons, which have changed in style over the centuries.

The rooms are decorated with Baroque, Biedermeier, Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Baroque furniture, paintings and furnishings, which tell the story of the lives of bishops from different eras. The interiors are decorated with tapestries from the late 17th century, donated by Maria Theresa, large oil paintings of Old Testament scenes from the 18th century and portraits of bishops.

The tunnel that connects the garden of the Bishop's Palace with the Cellar and the Granary dates back to the Middle Ages, but it took on a special role in the second half of the 20th century, during the period of socialism, which was hostile to the Church. The western wing of the cellar tunnel was then used for more than just wine storage. It was also used as a secure underground pathway during the time when countless listening devices were installed in the bishop's residence and garden. The long-established tunnel provides an exceptional setting to show the grim daily life of the Communist persecution of the Church. The exhibition can only be visited together with the Palace on a guided tour.


2. Dóm Square, Pécs 7621
T.: +36 30 373 8900; +36 72 513 057

Guided tours at fixed times:

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Monday - Friday: 10.00, 14.00
Saturday - Sunday: 10.00, 12.00

1. October- 30. April:
Monday - Friday: 14.00
Saturday - Sunday: 10:00

Püspöki palota és a "Titkos átjáró"
7621 Pécs, Dóm tér 2.
Phone number
+36 30 373 8900 ; +36 72 513 057
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