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The nearly two hundred years old settlement is located in the Northern part of Baranya county close to the border of Tolna county.

The meaning of the village name is beech-al, meaning "the bottom of the beech forest". The first documentary mention of the village dates back to 1325. The village first appears in the form Villa Bykol. Although it is assumed that Bykol had a church earlier, the surviving records confirm the existence of the church building, which was built in 1726 of 'wood and mud'.

A new feature is the emergence of the Puchner Castle as a hotel and conference centre, which, with its recently developed thermal baths and beautiful, peaceful surroundings, also holds out the prospect of a tourism boom. For more information visit:

The Experience Farm, open all year round, is Hungary's first theme park. It brings medieval Hungary to life in a unique way: with the help of masters, actors, skilled horsemen and archers, and expert bird-watchers.

The walled old town of the Experience Estate, which opens onto its streets through 4 robust gates, is a special place where history comes alive and where guests can experience it for themselves. The streets wind through the authentic buildings, offering a series of experiences: the workshops of medieval craftsmen, the inn offering delicious food, and the Apprentice School, where you can learn about life as a knight and, of course, as a small boy, while you can become a medieval warrior for a while.

Outside the city, the Experience Estate is a field of action. The huge main square, the jousting arena and the stables are all places where young and old alike can experience the fighting and adventure of the Middle Ages, and get a first-hand look at the life of a soldier of the time.
For more information on the current opening hours and programmes of the Experience Farm, please visit: or our website:


A község busszal közelíthető meg Pécsről a legkönnyebben zászvári vagy komlói átszállással.

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