Angster Monument


The Europe-wide renowned Angster József & Son Organ and Harmonium Factory operated in Pécs, at Mária Street 35 between 1867 and 1951. The factory produced 1307 organs and 3000 harmoniums, for cathedrals and churches in small villages all across the Carpathian Basin. Their company logo can still be found on the organs of the domes in Szeged and Kassa (Kosice), once it appeared on the organs of St. Stephen’s Basilica, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest, and on cathedrals in Eger, Kalocsa, and Pécs.

The predecessor of this present monument was erected within the framework of 21 Dialogues Project on the Northern Castle Wall Promenade by the granddaughter of József Angster (1917-2012), Zsófia Bérczi together with Barnabás Tankó and Károly Tankó in 2010.
Based on this idea the long standing version of the monument could have been built by the order of the City Council of Pécs in 2015.

The specialty of the memorial is that visitors can listen to interviews and compositions for organ by covering the light sensor buttons located in the arm-rests of the benches.

Pécs, 7624, Esze Tamás utca 5.


A Főpályaudvarról a 31,32,34Y és 35Y számú buszokkal közelíthető meg.

Parkolási lehetőség a Barbakánnál.

Angster Emlékmű
7624, Esze Tamás utca 5.
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