Abaliget is situated on the northwest slope of Mecsek mountains, in a valley surrounded by forests.

The name of the village comes from 'Aba' and 'liget' words. 'Aba' means the father and the 'liget' word refers to the character of the landscape.
The Abaliget cave is a popular attraction int the Mecsek mountains, the stalactite cave has been formed in a shelly limestone a half million years ago. This is the longest cave stream in the Southern Transdanubia, this stream feeds two artificial lakes, which offer boating, fishing and swimming opportunities. Beacuse of the favourable climate the stalactite cave has numerous beneficial effect on people suffering in asthma and other respiratory diseases. A museum of bats has been established close to the cave, it is an unique thematic exhibition of bats and helps to better understand the world of bats. The forest above the cave is perfect for short hikes. The Roman Catholic Church is located on the hill above the village. The church was built for the honor of Mary Magdalene.

Source: Municipality of Abaliget

How to get there

The village can be reached by train and bus from Pécs. There is a direct bus service from the bus station. Trains leave every two hours from the main railway station.

7678 Abaliget
Phone number
+36 72 598 001
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