A walk through the first Hungarian university

07/22/2022 10:50 AM - 08.31 16:00:00

The exhibition area summarises the history of medieval and Ottoman Pécs, and presents the most important historical, cultural and religious events of the city.

It is always a great experience to visit the historical sites of Pécs, especially if you are accompanied by a guide who can tell you more interesting facts and stories.On the local history walk, you can learn about the background of the foundation of the first Hungarian university, the functioning of the institution and the history of the building. You can also learn how the then Bishop of Pécs, Vilmos Koppenbachi, played a key role in the life of the university. The tomb of Bishop Vilmos and the sculptural decorations of his final resting place, the Aranyos-Mária Chapel, will also be presented. The fragments of the sculptures will help us to read together the traces of the Turkish occupation.

  • The programme lasts about 45 minutes.
  • Meeting point: Medieval University ticket office
  • Participation in the guided tour is subject to the purchase of an entrance ticket, no prior registration is required.

For details of the programme, please contact the following contact details:

  • +36 30 701 3771
  • info@pecsorokseg.hu
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